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Sep 6, 2014

Hi.  Please scroll for entries.


Posted at 09:03 am by JollyS
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May 23, 2012
Phone Books!

Do you find phone books tedious to keep around or lug around?

There are recycling centers that take them.  What do you want to do with thembefore you take them to the center?

How about use them for scratch paper? Black ink works fine.

There are people at schools that can use them to teach childrenhow to fold, make creases, cut, or divide at the lines with the hands.One idea I thought of is making paper airplanes with them.

Just recycle the planes later in a classroom recycling bin.

This will help four and five - year - olds practice dexterity and hand (finger) strength.

It also allows you to see if they can follow directions or can make the designated folds. Show them the easy fold method, which is basically one fold in the center of the page. More advanced planes can be shared with the kids at later points when they age.

I also love to write memos to myself on pages with extremely small print. You can cut them up as little squares of paper first.

Just make sure you write larger than the print on the pages and choose colours that contrast to the page.

You can also make a day to day calendar with the pages. Use dark or permanent ink to write down the dates. Remember to write the numbers legibly and make them stand out to your eyes from a distance.

Choose ink that is fast and doesn't come off on your hands, of course, and every one should have a splendid day with phone book pages!



P.S. What happens with the phone books, is that they become lighter in weight as you use, recycle, and reuse.

Display all the planes in a window for the rest of the school or the parents.






Posted at 11:02 am by JollyS
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Dec 8, 2010

If you think your idea is a failure, don't give up.

Somewhere, someone else may be able to help you further it

or help you to develop it.

Our talents know no bounds if we look at everything collectively.

Share ideas, but never steal them.

Do give credit where credit is due.

Ideas are the catalyst of human existence.

Use them wisely.




Posted at 02:24 pm by JollyS
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Jun 5, 2010
The Linden Dream

The Lindens took an idea and created an entire world.



Posted at 10:30 am by JollyS
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May 9, 2010
Idea Festival!

In Bristol!




A writer who is to speak at this conference

passed this information along to me.

Ideas and the exchange, thereof, are what keeps the world

spinning for us. 


May we always connect in unity and thought!



Posted at 10:08 pm by JollyS
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Apr 25, 2010
I Village!

Posted at 09:02 pm by JollyS
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Apr 14, 2010
Ideas for Community Building!





"Pay It Forward" group on Facebook.com


Advocacy groups are great ideas to build community.

If you like these, you can get involved, or build toward

your own agency, where there is the greatest need in your



Not everyone likes the politics of a situation, but there is a way that you

can help and contribute uniquely, according to your abilities.

Search out good organizations and idea forums to discuss your ideas.

Together, a great many things can be accomplished.



(Inspired by a small town in Nova Scotia!)







Posted at 01:54 pm by JollyS
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Apr 2, 2010

Story Ideas!



Stop Bullying!

Study links involving the recent news involving Phoebe Prince.

Facebook and some users have pages on ideas for this.

Interaction and feedback are highly necessary to solve problems

such as this.  The community builds one another.   



This process will allow you to clear your thinking to organize your upcoming projects

and enable you to live your life in a more concrete fashion. It is also a time capsule

of days gone by and what you were thinking at the time. 


Blogging Ideas!




Posted at 12:56 pm by JollyS
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Oct 23, 2008

Designers at all levels:

I saw this in Good Magazine (Sept./Oct. 2008 edition)


Contibute your ideas and connect with others!


Posted at 11:00 am by JollyS
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May 4, 2008

For you fidgety people out there!

Saw this in W magazine and an article about its brainchild.




Posted at 06:48 am by JollyS
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